A Step Foward in Physiotherapy

We are making physiotherapy an enjoyable experience.


Our Solution

Many physical therapy patients have difficulty tracking treatment progress and even suffer from poor outcomes due to lack of motivation to perform exercises.

We have created an engaging game-like physical therapy experience that allows patients to perform sessions at home or in the clinic all while being monitored remotely.

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Motion Sensor Cameras

High-precision motion sensor cameras detect the patient’s joints creating a virtual body model to understand the exercise motions.

Progress Portal

Easily design customized treatment plans.

Gamified Exercises

Each exercise in the treatment plan is included in a specific gamified environment. With a set of motivational elements, the recovery process becomes more engaging and enjoyable.

Solution for our



Customizable Treatment

Easily design customized treatment plans for each patient, considering the phase of the treatment, their physical condition, and all other customizable relevant parameters.

Resources Optimization Solution

The digital and gamified approach, with optional home-based care, improves patient satisfaction and allows for efficient time and costs optimization.

Reliable Quantitative Feedback

Full progression tracking is available on our platform, through reliable quantitative feedback, so that the physiotherapist can consult the recovery status of every patient.

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Easy to Use

With no need for wearable devices, simply plug-in our motion sensor camera and begin your exercise through the computer.

Gamified Therapy

Exercising in a game-like experience, with specific objectives, keeps you motivated and engaged in every phase of the treatment.

Track Your Progress

The results of every session are conveniently available on your personal web portal so you can always check your performance and progress through sessions.

Introducing Clynx

Simply plug in our body-sensor camera to your laptop and perform your daily physical therapy exercises.

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About Us

We are committed to changing the physical therapy recovery process through transparency and motivation.

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Gonçalo Chambel

Henrique Carvalho

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Clynx was recognized at the european healthcare startups competition.

Web Summit '18

Interview with the entrepreneur and physiotherapist Hugo Belchior.

ANEEB Interview

Clynx was interviewed by the portuguese association of Biomedical Engeneering students.

GovTech Finalists

Clynx was amongst the 6 finalists of the portuguese governement contest.

One year after EIA

Interview with EIA, one year after participating at the innovation program.

Pilot at CUF Alvalade

Interview about our first in-clinic pilot, for the TV national broadcaster, RTP.