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Digital Health solutions to track engagement and increase motivation.

Clynx Platform

A digital solution that is making Physiotherapy an enjoyable experience for Patients, while helping Clinics, Hospitals, Rehabilitation Centers, Nursing Homes, Pharmacies, and Physiotherapists, to expand their responsiveness and to unlock a new revenue stream.

Digitalization and Gamification

These are trends that enhance Health Quality perceived by the patient, and that allow Telerehabilitation.

Motion Tracking

The use of only one sensor allows a user-friendly motion tracking.

Analytical Capacity

The online portal enables a complete customization of treatment plans and progression reports.

Motivation and Satisfation

The videogame-based therapeutic approach improves the patient's experience and motivation.

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+ 84%

* than conventional treatment

Convenience & Time Flexibility

* main advantage reported
in home-based sessions



* reported at the end of each session

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Joana Pinto

CEO & Co-founder

Gonçalo Chambel

CTO & Co-founder

Sanil Rama

Web Developer

Ana Cortez

Marketing Representative

Gil Dias

Product Developer

Carolina Clemente

Computer Vision intern

Irina Lopes

Regulatory Affairs intern

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