A Step Foward in Physiotherapy

We are making physiotherapy an enjoyable experience by combining technology with gamified approaches.

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Digital Health solutions to track progress and increase motivation.


Motiphy Plataform


Motiphy +



+84 %

* than conventional treatment

* main advantage reported
in home-based sessions

9.1 /10

* reported at the end of each session

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Hear directly from our patients and health professionals!

Cláudia Álvaro

Physiotherapist at CUF Alvalade


“The use of this solution in physiotherapy sessions benefits rehabilitation and motivates my patients to be an active part of the process."

Paula Gabriel

Physiotherapist at CHOeste

Plataforma Motiphy

“At this time when the use of computers and the internet is already a common practice in our homes, the Telereahabilitation Platform is increasing the quality of our intervention!”

António Rendas

Patient with Shoulder impingement syndrome


“I like this kind of technological developments and I think this solution is an interesting way to encourage us, to promote our responsibility and to involve us in our own recovery."

Joana Serranho

Physiotherapist at CUF Alvalade


“With Motiphy+ we are increasing the movement awareness and the autonomy of our patients in a more playful way, which is very important."

Vera Pequito

Occupational Therapist at CHUAlgarve


“Clynx's solutions enable a more motivating environment for my patients to exercise. Tools like this will revolutionize rehabilitation and allow for better results.”


We are committed to making a positive impact in Physiotherapy.

Joana Pinto

Co-founder & CEO

Gonçalo Chambel

Co-founder & CTO

Sanil Rama

Web Developer

Ana Cortez

Marketing Representative

Alessandra Amaral

Sales Representative

Gil Dias

Game Developer

Miguel Almeida

Game Developer

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